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What is Bento?

Bento is an incredibly powerful tool used by stations to create websites, manage online content, and leverage Merlin and COVE data. It is a CPB-funded project being developed by PBS Digital and Member Stations and is designed to be a flexible solution for your station to help enhance your Web presence. Stations can spend less time and fewer resources on some of the more technical aspects of web development, and dedicate more effort to creating a strong digital experience for your users. Bento is fully hosted by PBS; therefore, it comes at no additional cost to your station. 


Want to see Bento in action? Click here to view the Bento Product Site.

Should you use Bento? What can Bento do for your station? 

Are you interested in creating a website? Do you want to redesign your existing website?  Or do you just want to add additional functionality to your website? 

If you answered yes to any of these questions, Bento can help. With its easy to use interface and extensive array of plugins, Bento greatly reduces the time and cost required for producing websites.  In addition, because anyone at your station can use this tool, the majority of site customization isn't directed solely to developer/technical resources. This enables even the most limited resources to enhance the overall web experience by focusing on creating and implementing additional features and functionality.

Bento allows you to insert promotional stories, images, links to videos, and more into your web pages. Promotional pages are a great way to dynamically host scores of content on a single page and provide viewers access to localized TV Schedules, promotional video clips, sample information and other branded content. Bento's templates and plugins enable you to easily customize and configure the majority of your website's look and feel.

Discover more about Bento:

Get help

(big grin) We are here to help!  Contact the Station Products & Innovation team at pbsi_stationservices@pbs.org if you need assistance.

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