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What is ITS?

The Image Transformation Service (ITS) is a tool that takes large “mezzanine” images and dynamically transforms them to a variety of sizes. A single image can be modified so that it will work on pages and platforms that may require many different image sizes. ITS is also capable of cropping images when resizing.

Fast facts

Try it out!

Important notes about ITS

A few things to remember when using ITS:

  • Start with the largest image file size possible.
  • Supported output file types are jpg, png, and gif only.
  • You must manually add parameters in the decorator to customize the image returned from ITS.
  • If using the proxy service, images may take a few days to be cached in the CDN.

For PBS Internal Developers

Watch out for DNS issues - a 404 maybe be returned when using

Use Google's DNS.

Sample code here: